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What is scientific work anyway?

Scientific work consists of dealing with a more or less complex matter and developing questions. These questions can have different sources: they can arise from the introduced prior knowledge and from the preoccupation with the reading of the new topic. However, if an applied science is studied, it may also be due to practical experience that deviates from the literature. Already when dealing with the literature on a topic, questions such as whether something could not be quite different whether a person who takes a different perspective, would not judge the problem completely different, just to mention two examples. The new data can either be integrated into the existing world view or make modifications in your own thinking necessary.

Questions of this kind are processed from the literature and possibly also on the basis of own surveys. The literature must be up to date. It consists of trade journals, textbooks, information from the Web, which can be taken over and adopted. The information from the literature must be documented, technical terms defined and objections taken into account. The own methodical procedure for the work must be made transparent and justified. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that the research results that one wants to adopt are serious.

After a certain period of time, the topic for the work, which leads to a central question, is derived from the literature search. Based on this question, the search can then be more targeted. For this libraries with textbooks, magazines and newspapers are available. On the Internet you can enter keywords, there are also scientific search engines and databases. Procurement of the literature is followed by the literature selection, which was carried out under the aspect of the previous topic formulation.

The problem of the question

Especially in the first semesters, it is not always easy for students to develop questions on specific subjects (such as business administration, medicine, biology or history), because these usually require specialist knowledge that has yet to be acquired. It is not always easy to judge the methodical procedure in the literature. The topic or question must usually be self-phrased. In particular, when the number of pages is narrow, it is often difficult to find a topic for the work and, above all, estimate its scope. Here our academics have routine. In the literature research, they know the common magazines, find their way around the libraries and the Internet quickly. Above all, they know which internet addresses to quote and which citations to use. The scientific search engines use them constantly, so that the research in the wealth of information that is available to them easily.

Above all, they keep track of things and can well distinguish which sources can be shortlisted and which can not. If it is important to consider in advance which sources should be included in the bibliography, ghostwriters know what is important in the scientific work. Whether the problem to be treated is treated from a different perspective or whether counter-arguments can be found in a source often already reveals the title. Otherwise, take a look at the table of contents, reviews or summary at the beginning of each article. Helpful here is the offer that makes Amazon. The ability to take a look at some of the books also helps in the question of whether it is worth procuring the book in question.

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