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General information about the doctoral thesis / dissertation

Compared to bachelor’s and master’s theses, the dissertation hardly differs in the basic structural structure. Rather, the essential difference lies in their core requirement, independently and with the necessary theoretical depth, to treat a scientific topic in such a way that, in the end, it leads to new findings. For this, the topic of the dissertation has to analyze as far as possible an unsolved problem that has not yet spilled over the otherwise typical flood of scientific publications. As a rule, there is no upper limit to the total amount of work, but rather lower limits are common: Thus, no humanities or social science dissertation should have a size of less than 200 pages, and even filling “only” 200 pages can be quite difficult prove. Fundamentally, every doctoral thesis has to solve a hitherto unsolved problem with new theoretical buildings, a new definition of subject-specific key concepts or empirical findings. Since such a further development of previous thoughts does not arise without the scientific preparation of others, the current state of research and the localization of one’s own approach in this as well as the entire theoretical discussion of the subject must always be dealt with in great detail. Considering these requirements, a really good dissertation should take three years and a lot of time to read, design and research.

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The problems with the dissertation

As experience shows, many good and very good master graduates find it difficult to meet the high requirements of a doctoral thesis. Above all, the theoretical backgrounds have to be discussed much more extensively than in the master’s thesis, so that a level of abstraction is reached that may prove to be too high. Many PhD students are faced with a dilemma: because they do not notice this problem from the beginning, but only during the writing process, it is often too late to stop. In addition, the promotion lures because it promises better career opportunities with him. So to secure the work and thus your doctorate, you can rest assuredly fall back on the high-quality help of our professional academics. Do not hesitate to contact us in good time, because even professionally competent authors who are experienced in specialist writing need a lot of time for research and conceptual work. After all, we want your work to meet the high demands and thus become a complete success.

Two types of motivation when writing the thesis

Either you’re a passionate researcher and you love to spend years hunt- ing for new science in laboratories or libraries, or you’re more likely to see the highest academic degree as an instrument for career advancement. The latter is a widespread view, because physicians or executives in the private sector have much better prospects with the title.

However, the path to becoming a doctor is very long and rocky. The core requirement of a doctoral thesis is to treat a scientific topic independently and thereby gain new insights. In principle, this also has to be done in bachelor’s and master’s theses, but while it is enough to continue existing approaches, the doctoral thesis must present new empirical findings or a new theoretical approach right from the start, and then continue to think it through at a high level of abstraction. Often it is not easy, given the large number of publications in all scientific fields to discover an unsolved problem that still offers enough approaches for your own thoughts. Writing consistently on a research level is difficult even for many Master’s graduates with above-average grades, because the level jump from master’s to doctoral thesis is much higher than that of the first small seminar paper on the final thesis. In addition, the care for a problem by a professor often leaves much to be desired because they do not have enough time through their own research and a large number of students to be supervised. As a result, you are often on your own and, understandably, have trouble surveying the state of research and the motivation to spend years writing books and / or working in the lab to discover something new. Above all, the scope of a doctoral thesis should not be underestimated: while special rules apply to mathematical and medical doctoral theses, one should plan for three years in the social sciences and related disciplines, and even more years in combination with other professional activities.

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