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General information about the doctoral thesis / dissertation

In the thesis, the topic can be suggested by the professor, but it is just as possible to develop a topic with your own suggestions and initiatives. It is important that the topic leaves enough space for your own thoughts. Hundreds of works and specialist journal articles are already being found in many areas on individual topics. It is better if a topic has not yet been exhaustively published, but at least in the approach of some authors was treated. Because the diploma thesis topic should always be able to be classified in the current state of research and refer to preparatory work, which will continue with own approaches.

Trust the help of our experienced authors

If you run out of time, find the theoretical profundity difficult, or even an unfortunate event such as illness or bereavement nullifies your creative power, you do not have to worry about the long-awaited conclusion. Because we offer students

  • Professional coaching by competent and experienced authors
  • extensive research
  • helpful tips for structuring and formatting the texts
  • Proofreading and proofreading of individual chapters and texts
  • to create an exemplary design for the thesis

We have already convinced you of our comprehensive range of services? Then contact us without any obligation and we will send you an offer tailored to your needs.

It is not morally reprehensible to seek professional help, especially in view of the pressure of time, performance and time in combination with a lack of supervision and overworking with the large volume of a diploma thesis. Our experienced academics are selected exclusively according to subject-specific criteria so that the necessary substantive competence is ensured. As authors experienced in the academic writing process, they can undertake the general coaching for writing, partial work such as research or the writing of individual chapters. For larger emergencies, they can also create a template for the entire work. Since our academics are used to working profoundly rather than superficially, you should contact us as soon as possible in your own interest, so that there is enough time for the academic help in writing your diploma thesis.

Important information and tips for the diploma thesis

One hurdle that must be taken right at the beginning is to find a topic. The diploma thesis topic should always be able to be classified in the current state of research. For this it is important to refer to existing scientific preparatory work with own approaches, which will then be continued. It should be noted that although sufficient preparatory work must be available, since it can not be expected that one will develop own approaches, as in a doctoral thesis, from the very beginning. However, in order to be able to provide sufficient intellectual self-performance, the number of textbooks and articles on the subject should not be too great, otherwise there is a danger of coming to mind through own reflections, which the proofreader knows from a publication, even though one is independent of it had a corresponding thought. Furthermore, a sufficient theoretical profundity is to be considered. No diploma thesis can meet the criteria if it does not consider basic theoretical works of the subject and the current discussion and draws conclusions from their analysis on their own approach.

Students of the latest master’s programs have the advantage of having previously written a bachelor’s thesis in the range of about 40 to 50 pages, which has made them well accustomed to scientific writing. In many old diploma courses such a work is missing as intermediate examination, so that for diploma students the problem consists of having to create the level jump from the seminar paper to the extensive final thesis. Anyone who has no experience writing longer work tends to postpone it, because the time before it seems so long. But this is a fallacy, because the workload with double the length of a work does not increase linearly, but exponentially, because especially the reading and designing devours a lot of time.

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